Has Kolo Touré Left New Balance?

Kolo Toure has become the first player sponsored by New Balance to almost officially leave the brand after Adnan Januzaj previously already ditched New Balance's Furon Boots and instead opted for blackout versions of the Adidas X and Nike Mercurial Boots.

Kolo Touré, who had been with the Boston-based brand since the launch of the in the meantime discontinued Warrior Football, surprisingly wore Adidas Boots in yesterday's UEFA Europa League clash against Sion, while he still laced up in New Balance's Visaro Boots in Liverpool's training session on November 30.

Kolo Toure Debuts Adidas Ace Boots

Close-up picture of Kolo Touré's Adidas Ace 16.1 Boots.

Kolo Toure, who already had been with Adidas before he switched to Warrior in December 2013, laced up in a non-modified version of the Solar Red Adidas Ace 2016 Leather Boots. Combining a Kangaroo leather upper with a synthetic heel area, the Adidas Ace 15.1 Leather Cleats are made for ultimate comfort and stability. But will Kolo Touré join Adidas now?

As Kolo Toure laced up in a non-custom and old colorway of the Adidas Ace 15.1 Football Boots, it's rather likely that he bought the boots himself and did not receive them directly by the Three Stripes. So, as it seems that it can be said yet if he will join Adidas, is it at least certain that he left New Balance?

It looks like. There are two strong arguments that make us almost sure that Kolo Touré's time with New Balance has come to an end. First, the Liverpool defender previously already not laced up in the newest colorway of New Balance's Visaro Boot but in the launch paint job. Second, Kolo Touré's partnership with New Balance was almost exactly announced two years ago (13/12/2013). So it's well possible that his contract has expired precisely at this time and that he is from now allowed to wear other cleats than the ones produced by New Balance.

Do you think that Kolo Touré will ever again lace up in New Balance's Boots? Let us know in the comments below.