Classy Puma BAPE FC Kits Revealed

What if BAPE would establish a football club? While the Japanese clothing brand is far away from founding an official club, Puma has nevertheless created a complete soccer collection boasting the trademark design of A Bathing Ape. For the first time, we decided to pick the most interesting and important piece of the collection, the official FC BAPE Kit (if you are interested to see the complete collection, let us know in the comments under the article).

Puma FC BAPE Replica Shirt

This is the ABC Camo version of Puma's Kit for BAPE.

Boasting the trademark design of the Japanese fashion brand, the Puma FC BAPE Jersey comes with an one-of-a-kind look that stands in contrast to the kits of traditional football clubs, whose shirts rather feature classic designs.

On the front of the new Puma FC BAPE Shirt is not only the famous Puma branding and the classy black, white and golden logo Puma created for BAPE.FC, but also the names of the official websites of both brands. On the back under the modern Puma FC BAPE Replica Jersey is again the BAPE.FC logo.

Puma released two version of the first-ever BAPE Kit. The first shirt boasts a military green camo look, while the second jersey comes with a more understated grey and olive green color scheme.

However, while Puma's FC BAPE kit is not only more extraordinary than usual football kits, it also comes with a much higher price tag (100 GBP, 120 USD, 120 Euro) than the shirts of renowned international clubs such as FC Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid (~ 85 Euro).

What do you think of Puma's Kits for BAPE? Let us know in the comments below.