Karim Benzema Debuts Unreleased Adidas X Skeleton Boots

Update: Benzema today became the first player to were the -still unreleased- Adidas X 15.1 Skeleton Boots in today's La Liga game against Sevilla, scoring his team's opening goal.

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema has become the first player to train in the all-new Adidas X 15+ Skeleton Soccer Cleats after some high-profile players such as Thomas Müller and Luis Suarez were already spotted wearing a blackout version of the all-new boots.

Karim Benzema Shows Off Adidas X 15 Skeleton Launch Boot Colorway

Close-up with the boots worn by the French striker.

Boasting the look of the upcoming Adidas X 2016 Boots Colorway, Karim Benzema laced up in a non-modified version of the brand-new Adidas X15+ Skeleton Cleats that are set to be released at the latest in early April 2016. The Adidas X 15+ Skeleton Cleat Launch Boot Colorway combines a mainly white and black upper with Solar Green and Solar Blue applications while featuring a remarkable shiny design in the midfoot area.

What are the differences to the regular Adidas X 15 Boots? Whereas the Adidas X 15+ Boots either feature a leather (Adidas X 15.1 Leather), synthetic (Adidas X 15.1) or a knitted upper (Adidas X 15 Primeknit), the Adidas X Skeleton Soccer Boot comes with a different synthetic material in the heel area that is made for lightweight and more stability while also featuring a lightweight microfiber material in the forefoot area (that's the shiny element visible in the midfoot area). Apart from that, the boots are the same form a tech point of view, even though the design slightly differs.

Adidas X15+ Skeleton

Adidas X15+ Skeleton Sole Plate

What do you think of the on-pitch impression of the Adidas X 15+ Skeleton? Let us also know in the comments section below when you think the Adidas X Skeleton Boots will be debuted.