Real Madrid Reveals Revamped Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

Many years after the initial sketches were shown off, Real Madrid has finally reached an agreement on the final design of the renovation with the city of Madrid.

Santiago Bernabeu Redevelopment

This is how the updated Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is set to look like in a few years.

The proposed hotel present in the initial plans is not there anymore, due to limits on expanding the size of the stadium structure. Other parts of the initial designs, most importantly the retractable roof are still there and should make it one of the more iconic stadiums once the redevelopment is completed around 2020.

Although the main stand will be expanded to match the height of the other three tribunes, the Santiago Bernabeu remodeling will not bring a capacity increase. Instead, the added space will be used to improve comfort for the supporters and add more commercial spaces.

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