Not Enough Sales? Adidas Is Now Giving Away Glitch Codes to Everyone

The Adidas Glitch football boot is known to be one of the most difficult football boots to get. Despite it still being limited to the UK and only obtainable with special codes, the brand soon made it slightly easier to get them, and now Adidas have another step to make the Glitch more easily obtainable.

Adidas Gives Away Glitch Codes in App

Below you can find the notification that Adidas sent out earlier today.

Earlier today, all (approximately 15-20k) users of the Glitch app received a notification with a special code that was valid for 60 minutes. Before, it was only possible to obtain tokens through previous buyers or Adidas, if one was lucky. The Glitch is still only available in the United Kingdom, however.

It was finally also revealed how many people bought the Adidas Glitch football boot so far. Adidas said on their business-lifestyle magazine GamePlan A that the Glitch is "worn by fewer than 2,000 players".

The Three Stripes also said that they were extremely happy with the interest in the football boot as the "GLITCH is attracting the same level of interest and response as conventional product launches backed by big-budget media campaigns", even though the boot would be "only available in one location".

Would you like the Adidas Glitch soccer boot to be available in more cities or even worldwide? Let us know in the comments below.
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