Adidas Originals Germany 1990-2018 Retro Dress Leaked

Continuing to push the boundaries of football merchandise, Adidas is set to release a number of dresses inspired by iconic jerseys of its biggest teams, such as Argentina, Germany and Spain. Here's an early look at Germany's, which is based on the 1990 World Cup winning kit.

Adidas Germany Retro Jersey Dress

This is the 2018 Adidas Germany retro dress.

Sporting a sleeveless design, the dress comes with white trim around the neck and the armpits, while the iconic 1990 tricolor band appears on the front, together with the supplier and federation badges just as they were back in the day.

The number 10 is printed on the back in reference to Lothar Matthäus, who sported it in Italy and captained the World Cup winning side. He won the Ballon d'Or later that year.

Do you like this unique new idea from Adidas? Drop us a line below, and stay tuned to see the other teams' retro-inspired dresses.
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