Adidas Originals Argentina 1993 Remake Kit Released

The Three Stripes released a remake of Argentina's iconic 1993 Copa America-winning jersey. The Adidas Argentina 1993 jersey is also the inspiration behind the Argentina's 2018 World Cup kit.

Adidas Originals Argentina Retro Jersey (1993)

More or less a direct remake of Argentina's 1993 jersey, the new Adidas Originals Argentina retro shirt has is hard to distinguish from the original jersey. It is made from a cotton-like material and has pale colors, just as the original shirt.

Maradona's iconic number 10 is printed on the back of the Adidas Originals Argentina 1993 remake shirt.

Completing the set is a direct replica of the original 1993 Adidas Argentina shorts, again with a No 10 print.

Part of a special national teams remake collection, the Adidas Originals Argentina remake shirt and shorts are available online (shirt - 90 GBP, shorts - 32.50 GBP).

What are your thoughts on the Adidas Originals Argentina remake kit? Drop us a line below.
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