Nike FC Barcelona Mashup Jersey Leaked: 20 Years - 20 Shirts

BREAKING: The first pictures showing the authentic version of the FC Barcelona Mashup shirt have leaked (€140). There's also one showing a special box, black with gold inscriptions, which will likely be exclusive to this, more expensive version. The official tag "20 Years - 20 Shirts" can be seen on the side.

Update: The Nike FC Barcelona Mashup jersey is already available to buy Brazilian site Netshoes. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the partnership between FC Barcelona and Nike, it is set to be launched by Nike very soon.

As we reported a short while ago, Nike will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its first season with FC Barcelona with a special, limited-edition 'mashup' jersey - similar to what the brand did for Arsenal before the Gunners left for Puma.

The Nike FC Barcelona Mashup jersey has been already in various different Nike stores around the globe, e.g. at a Nike store in Los Angeles. Thanks to David M.

Nike FC Barcelona Mashup Jersey

This image shows the FC Barcelona 2018 Mashup shirt.

The Nike FC Barcelona Mashup soccer jersey features elements of all Barcelona kits worn by the club over the last two decades.

Nine panels each on the front and back of the Barcelona 2018 Mashup shirt showcase the stripe designs of all Barcelona home shirts worn between 1998-99 and 2017-18. On the front, we can see the iconic collar of the 2014-15 shirt, with the 2008-09 halves just below it, containing the club crest. Then there's 2009-10, 2015-16, 2017-18, whilst on the back we can see 1998-00, 2012-13 and 2016-17 amongst others.

The right sleeve of the Barcelona 20 Years Mashup jersey is dedicated to the 2013-14 home shirt.

The swoosh and club crest sit inside the 2008-09 halves on the chest of the Nike FC Barcelona Mashup kit, with no sponsor logos present either on front or sleeves.

Shin guards of the FC Barcelona Nike Mashup jersey collection

Full collection

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