MLS Team From 2019 - New FC Cincinnati Logo & Identity Revealed

Tuesday, 13 November 2018
FC Cincinnati, who will play in the MLS from 2019, yesterday revealed their new MLS identity, including a new logo, marks and updated colors. The new FC Cincinnati MLS identity was unveiled before a capacity crowd at the Woodward Theater.

FC Cincinnati MLS Logo

According to the club's statement, the new FC Cincinnati MLS look takes the club’s vision and identity into the future. FC Cincinnati remains, while the words from which “FC” is shortened have changed. “Football Club Cincinnati” – the team’s full written name – will take the field in MLS. The name is to be shortened to FC Cincinnati on first reference.

The much-speculated name Fussball Club Cincinnati – or Fußball Club Cincinnati using the German character – is the formal, legal name of the club - It is not to be used in any sporting references to the team, or in any public discussion.

The branding system was created in tandem with Interbrand after an intensive three-month process that culminated in early August when it was presented to Major League Soccer officials at the 2018 All-Star Game.

We have some amazing brand firms in Cincinnati," FC Cincinnati President and General Manager Jeff Berding said. "We interviewed several firms before we decided on Interbrand. Their work with Juventus was very motivating... It was fun in that we got to involve a lot of our supporters. It was a very fun project because a lot of people got to be involved who have real passion for the club."

"That (old) crest was enormously popular," Berding said. "The first sort of fundamental question was, 'are we going to (have) a revolutionary change or an evolutionary change?' We felt very strongly that there was such enormous support for our original marks that we wanted to pay some homage to that and improve what we built. As we worked through that process there were different iterations, yeah.

FC Cincinnati's new crest, as explained by the club:

The Colors

FC Cincinnati’s familiar “Orange and Blue” color scheme remains as the club moves to MLS, but now they’re brighter and bolder.

The club’s new Orange (PMS 021) and Blue (PMS 287) pop more, with the secondary colors of Dark Blue (PMS 282), White and Grey (PMS Cool Grey 4c) added to help amplify what is a unique color palette in soccer.

The Logos

The new FC Cincinnati crest was developed as a representative of the city. Inspired by Cincinnati – itself a city on the rise – the crest highlights the region’s German heritage in a modern manner.

The winged lion has been carried over and has taken a more prominent place on the shield. It is bolder, stronger and ready for battle. It represents the club’s winning spirit, while its crown pays homage to the Queen City.

The seven points on the lion’s mane represent the seven hills of Cincinnati, while the wings’ three feathers highlight the club’s three-year journey to MLS. Curved into a “C”, the lion’s tail is another nod to Cincinnati.

Featuring the club’s two new primary colors, the crest also introduces the accent dark blue and it helps provide emphasis against the white background to further emphasize the word “Cincinnati.”

The team’s new wordmark is a familiar update on the team’s original mark. Still an orange and blue combination on FC Cincinnati, the crown remains firmly affixed atop the “C” in Cincinnati – again, a nod to the Queen City. Written straight out with no breaks or punctuation between letters, the FC moves straight into Cincinnati to show the club’s direct connection to the city.

The club’s new secondary mark is the stylized FCC from the full wordmark, while stand-alone tertiary elements will eventually include the full lion from the crest, the lion’s head and mane, and the crown. Those elements will be introduced more prominently in future years as the brand gains traction in the marketplace.

The Taglines & Hashtags

FC Cincinnati has introduced two new taglines to represent the club’s ambitions and goals, and has cemented a long-standing term as an official team reference:

Ignite and Unite
Now and Forever
The Orange and Blue
“Ignite and Unite” reflects the passion and energy of our club to inspire people to connect and join together. As witnessed in the club’s first three years, FC Cincinnati’s fan base is magically diverse and has connected different communities – demographic, socioeconomic, geographic, ethnic, etc. The club has become a rallying call for people to forget their differences and come together to support a singular subject as one.

“Now and Forever” not only captures how FC Cincinnati has arrived here at MLS, but it also conveys how the club will continue to strive for more and aims to continue its momentum in galvanizing the region behind a common source.

“The Orange and Blue” has been used by the club for much of its early history, but now the nickname is solidified in the brand as FC Cincinnati moves to MLS. It is an acceptable second reference to the club and the team, as well.

In terms of official club hashtags, #IgniteUnite will now be integrated as an official club hashtag, in addition to #FCCincy, which the club has used since its inception.

When using emojis to represent “The Orange and Blue,” the orange and blue diamonds – either the small or large versions – are acceptable with the orange emoji first, followed by an ampersand and then the blue emoji. (Examples: 🔶&🔷, 🔸&🔹).

Club Values

The new MLS identity was built on the foundation the club laid in its first three years in the country’s second division, and honed to reflect the club’s vision for the future.

The MLS brand will help FC Cincinnati write a new chapter in its story and is focused on four core values.

Share your thoughts on the new FC Cincinnati logo and the club's new MLS identity in the comments below.
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