Nike Releases Affordable Phantom and Tiempo Academy Anti-Clog Boots

Nike has decided to add Anti-Clog to some of its 'Academy' tier football boots. Specifically, both the Phantom Vision and Tiempo Academy boots can now be bought as Anti-Clog SG versions.

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Two years ago, Nike introduced Anti-Clog technology as a revolution in the football shoe market. It all started from the observation that the mud that sticks to the studs weighs down the shoe, disrupts the player and results in a loss of stability and grip, making the player less efficient. Nike engineers then developed the Nike Anti-Clog plate to prevent mud from sticking to the footing. To do this, Anti-Clog uses external elements instead of fighting them.

Indeed, the water constituting the mud is positioned between the sole and the ground and prevents it from sticking to the plate. To recognize shoes with this technology, it is logical to look at the sole, which is black and marked with an "Anti-Clog" pad.

Until now, Anti-Clog technology was only available on the brand's 'Elite' tier cleats. Very recently however, it has become available for select 'Academy' boots as well, specifically the Phantom and Tiempo.

Nike Academy Anti-Clog

Check out the new Anti-Clog Nike Phantom VSN Academy cleats below.

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The Nike Tiempo Legend VII Academy boots retail at £65 and the Phantom Vision Academy at £85. Both shoes are only available at select stores at the moment, but it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see bigger availability in the future.

Are you happy to see Nike add Anti-Clog to the Academy tiers of the Phantom VSN and Tiempo Legend? Comment below.