Insane Adidas Juventus 19-20 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked

Update: More and better pictures showing the Juventus 19-20 pre-match shirt have been leaked.

It's based on the same template already seen on the Bayern Munich warmup shirt and should be released in May / June.

Juventus 19-20 Home Kit

Juventus 19-20 Pre-Match Shirt

This is the Juventus 2019-2020 pre-match shirt by Adidas.

Based on the new Adidas pre-match template, the Juventus top is black with a pale pink 'bleach graphic' covering the entire look.

As part of Adidas' ongoing collaboration with Parley, the recycling brand / marketing operation have their 'For the Oceans' tagline applied to the inner collar band. Said collar otherwise is a very simple, all-black crew style.

The Adidas and club logos on the chest of the Juventus 2019-20 pre-match top are white, which makes them a bit hard to make out against the crazy background.

The Juventus 2019-2020 pre-match shirt is set to be launched in May / June.

Bayern Munich 19-20 Pre-Match Shirt

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