All 19-20 Championship Kits Leaked / Released So Far

Let's take a look at all Championship 19-20 kits that have been released and / or leaked so far, including Preston North End, Luton Town, West Bromwich and Stoke.



Produced by Puma, Barnsley's new 19-20 home shirt is based on the German brand's infamous 'big sleeve cuffs' template - one that we've seen used plentifully across the English league system this summer.

Barnsley 19-20 Home Kit Revealed



Based on the Adidas miteam template, the new Birmingham home jersey combines a royal blue base with navy blue sleeves and yellow trim on the neck, which is a simple crew style, and sleeve cuffs - matching the 'This is betting' tag of the main sponsor.

Birmingham City 19-20 Home Kit Revealed


The new Birmingham City 2019-2020 away football shirt is based on the Campeon 19 template from Adidas, which the brand based on the Germany 2018 World Cup design.

Birmingham City 19-20 Away Kit Released



After last season's shirt featured the original, unusual light blue 'Cambridge' blue colors used back in the 1880s, the new the Blackburn Rovers 2019-20 home football shirt retusn to the the club's modern royal blue and white colors. However, the store pictures make it appear a whole lot lighter than the player photos.

Blackburn Rovers 19-20 Home Kit Revealed

Brentford FC


The Brentford 2019-20 home jersey stays true to the club's traditions, featuring three red and two white stripes on the front and sleeves.

Brentford 19-20 Home Kit Revealed


Brentford's new 2019-20 away jersey introduces a fierce look in black with yellow trim on the side and neck, while the color is also used for all logos on the front including a monochrome rendition of the Brentford crest.

Brentford 19-20 Away Kit Revealed

Bristol Sport


A clean and classy look, the new Bristol City away jersey is all-black with white cuffs and a buttoned collar.

Bristol City 19-20 Away Kit Revealed

Goalkeeper Home

A spectacular look, Bristol City's 2019-2020 goalkeeper home football shirt is lime green with a geometrical all-over print pattern.

Spectacular Bristol City 19-20 Goalkeeper Home & Away Kits Released

Goalkeeper Away

Based on the same template, the new Bristol City goalkeeper away shirt is pink with the pattern appearing in purple. Purple is also used for the collar on Bristol City's 2019-2020 goalkeeper away jersey.

Cardiff City


A very clean look, Cardiff City's new home shirt is based on the infamous Tiro 19 template in blue and white.

Teamwear: Adidas Cardiff City 19-20 Home Kit Released


A very clean look, Cardiff City's new 2019-2020 away jersey is orange with white and blue trim and logos.

Cardiff City 19-20 Away Kit Revealed

Charlton Athletic


Predominantly red, Charlton Athletic's new 2019-20 home football shirt has black and white trim on the collar and sleeve cuffs, while white pinstripes, five in total, can be seen on the front.

Charlton Athletic 19-20 Home Kit Revealed


A fresh look, the Charlton 19-20 third jersey combines a bright blue base with dark blue logos - this combo is officially dubbed 'scuba and marine'.

Charlton Athletic 19-20 Third Kit Revealed

Derby County


The Derby County 19-20 home shirt is white with a black collar and an eye-catching black stripes graphic on the raglan sleeves. All logos on the front of the new Derby County jersey are also black, including the 32Red sponsor print.

Derby County 19-20 Home Kit Released


A clean look and in line with Umbro's other shirts this season, the Derby 2019-2020 away football shirt is light blue ('atomic blue') with a jacquard-printed shattered diamond graphic printed on the front.

Derby County 19-20 Away Kit Released


The Derby 2019-20 goalkeeper shirt is green, based on the new Umbro template.

Goalkeeper Away

The Derby County 19-20 goalkeeper away football shirt is grey and black.



A bespoke look, Fulham's new 19-20 home jersey is preodminantly white with a simple crew-neck collar.

Fulham 19-20 Home, Away and Goalkeeper Kits Revealed


Based on the Striped 19 template, Fulham's 2019-20 away shirt is red with black stripes, while the 3 Stripes on the shoulders are white.


Do you like the new Fulham home, away and goalkeeper jerseys made by Adidas? Drop us a line below.

Huddersfield Town


Other than the ridiculous sponsor, the Huddersfield Town 2019-20 home jersey is quite clean and classic, featuring Town's trademark white and blue hoops.

INSANE Sponsor: Huddersfield 19-20 Home Kit Revealed



The new Hull City 19-20 home kit os orange and black with a tiger print inspired by the shirt worn between 1992 and 1995 on the front body, in a move away from the predominantly striped jerseys that have been seen in recent years.

Amazing Hull City 19-20 Home Kit Revealed


Hull City's new 2019-20 away shirt introduces a super-clean design as a nod back to the 1990s. Specifically, Hull City's new 2019-20 away shirt draws from the 92-93 away.

Hull City 19-20 Away Kit Revealed

Goalkeeper Home

Hull City's 2019-20 home kit will be on sale online from Saturday 29th June.



A classy design, the new Leeds United 2019-2020 Centenary home football shirt is predominantly white with the gold Centenary crest standing out on the left chest.

Leeds United 19-20 Centenary Home Kit Released


The new Leeds United 2019-2020 Centenary goalkeeper jersey introduces a bold design, fading from blue to yellow at the bottom.

Luton Town


The new signature orange Luton Town 19-20 home kit is based on the Puma ‘Flux’ design with subtle orange waves.

Outstanding Luton Town 19-20 Home & 2 Alternative Championship Kits Released


The white Luton Town alternative kit features Puma's ‘Disrupt’ design. According to the club, it draws inspiration from the iconic Hatters chequered flag.


The Luton Town 135 year commemorative block shirt uses the colours from our first ever home kit back in 1885. It features our 135 year logo subtly printed across the back of the shirt.



Closely inspired by the iconic 1987-1990 kit, the new Middlesbrough 2019-20 home shirt is red white horizontal stripes running across the top of the chest that gradually get thicker. The 32Red shirt sponsor and the Hummel chevrons on the top of the sleeves are white.

Middlesbrough 19-20 Home Kit Released


The Middlesbrough away shirt 2019-20 is white with a red and navy chest band that features a white 32Red shirt sponsor on top - a modern take on the traditional band.

Hummel Middlesbrough 19-20 Away Kit Released



A classic look, the new Millwall 2019-20 home jersey is navy with white sleeves that feature navy gradient striping towards the cuffs.

Millwall 19-20 Home Kit Revealed



A clean look, the Nottingham Forest 2019-2020 home shirt is red with a subtle sublimated diamond print across the body.

Nottingham Forest 19-20 Home Kit Released


The new Nottingham Forest 19-20 away football shirt introduces an interesting half-and-half design in royal blue and navy.

Nottingham Forest 19-20 Away Kit Revealed

Preston North End


Based on the Nike Legend 2019-20 Teamwear template, the new Preston North End home kit features a bespoke colourway of white with navy trim that is exclusive to PNE. The shirt has a hybrid V-neck collar with taped seams for added comfort alongside a mesh insert on the back of the collar to allow air to flow to the body.

Preston North End 19-20 Home Kit Revealed


Although at first glance it looks identical to last season's shirt, the new Preston North End away football shirt is based on a new template and features blue logos instead of black.

Red Kit Scrapped! Yellow Preston North End 19-20 Away Kit Revealed


Supporters who have pre ordered and pre paid for the red kit option will be given a full refund.



QPR's new home shirt features a very clean design with blue and white hoops and white sleeves.

QPR 19-20 Home & Away Kits Released


Based on the same template, the QPR 2019-20 away football shirt is 'aqua blue' with gold logos and a bit of white trim on the collar and sleeve cuffs. The sponsor logo is black.

Sheffield Wednesday


Sheffield Wednesday's new 19-20 home shirt combines a classic blue-white striped look with a pixelated gradient graphic inside the blue stripes.

Sheffield Wednesday 19-20 Home & Away Kits Revealed


Sheffield Wednesday's 2019-20 away shirt is green with a pixelated gradient graphic towards the bottom.



The new Stoke City home jersey features the club's trademark red and white stripes, which extend to the sleeves. Both the sleeve cuffs and the very traditional collar of the Stoke 19-20 home kit are red.

Stoke City 19-20 Home & Away Kits Revealed


The Stoke City 19-20 away shirt boasts a much more modern look. Predominantly black, it has a raglan cut and comes with dark grey sleeves with a melange effect applied to them. The grey is mirrored by a triangular detail at the front of the collar.


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A traditional look, the Swansea 19-20 home football shirt is predominantly with a subtle embossed camouflage pattern. Black panels on the sides and under the sleeves of Swansea City's new 2019-20 home football shirt add a bit of accent alongside the black collar and sleeve cuffs.

Swansea 19-20 Home, Away & Goalkeeper Kits Released


The new Swansea away shirt introduces a modern and disruptive design in black and green on the front. The back is all-black.

Goalkeeper Home and Goalkeeper Away

Swansea's 19-20 goalkeeper home football shirt is grey and blue with a camo pattern on the sleeves.

West Bromwich


The WBA 2019-2020 jersey boasts the classic striping in white and blue, both on the front and back. The sleeves of the new West Bromwich Albion shirt feature a subtle pattern dubbed 'Puma Disrupt'.

West Bromwich Albion 19-20 Home Kit Released


The West Bromwich Albion 19-20 away shirt is green with five yellow stripes on the front and back. The sleeves of West Bromwich Albion's new 19-20 away jersey are green with a subtle 'disrupt' print and the Puma Formstripe in yellow.

West Bromwich Albion 19-20 Away Kit Released


Home and Away

Keeping the green trim from last season, Wigan Athletic's new home football shirt is predominantly blue with relatively thick white pinstripes. The lower part of the sleeves and the collar of the Wigan 2019-20 home jersey are green.

Wigan Athletic 19-20 Home & Away Kits Revealed

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