Insane | Manchester City Has Digital Fan Banners

Manchester City is about to win the English Premier League after a quite dramatic 1-0 triumph against Leicester City yesterday. However, there is another topic that is causing a lot of discussion: Digital banners at Etihad Stadium.

Spectators and fans saw digital banners hanging in the stadium instead of the usual fabric banners. The fans were anything but enthusiastic about the technical innovation and used social media to express their displeasure.

Manchester City Announced Digital Banners Already In 2014

It was the first time that is was widely reported that Manchester City got digital banners, but the club already announced the 'innovation' in 2014.

Digital Banners Are Copies Of Real Banners

Already in 2014, Manchester City announced that they have plans for digital copies of their famous banners to emulate them on LED screens. The Etihad Stadium got a digital makeover back then, and the club bosses revealed banners and flags hanging from the second tier, paying homage to Blues players past and present, will be removed due to new LED screens being installed.

To keep fans happy, the club plans to produce digital versions of the flags to be displayed around the ground. They said the screens will ‘enhance the matchday experience for fans inside the stadium’. He added: “The club is very accommodating. The second tier is dedicated to primary sponsors."

Man City had fabric banners in the third tier in 2018

However, fans were really unhappy with Manchester City's decision already in 2014, and so the club waited to 'launch' the digital banner. We are not sure since when the digital banners are active at the Etihad Stadium, but we believe they were activated recently.

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