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Name, Logo, Kits: Almeria Fans Upset Over Changes Proposed by New Saudi Owner

Just one month after being taken over by Turki Al Sheikh of Saudi Arabia, Spanish second division club Almeria proposed a complete overhaul of its visual identity. The name, logo and kit were to be redone in their entirety, a move that was strongly opposed by the Almeria fans.

The changes were proposed through a surprise Tweet with the caption "For next season... Because we respect and care about the feelings of our fans, we want to know your opinion". Attached was a poll which has since been deleted, but the negative replies are still there for everyone to see.

As part of the proposed changes, the team name would be changed from 'UD Almeria' to 'UD Almeria FC'. Albeit a strange one, this is by far the least extreme of the bunch.

Included in the Tweet are two kit mock-ups which, in place of the traditional stripes, feature a claw scratch design - this is inspired by new club mascot Rozam, a lion. Rozam was introduced on August 20th, shortly after the takeover by Al Sheikh.

A lion is also featured in the completely redone club badge, alongside the updated name.

So far, the club has not provided an update on the situation, but it's clear that the Almeria fans have shown their total disagreement with the changes proposed by the new ownership.

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