51% ? 49% [Unofficial Vote] - All About Final Watford Logo Option By Former Adidas Designer

Update: As revealed on Friday, the Watford FC logo design which was created by former Adidas Marcus Dilley and Brian Gundell and which we shared an in-depth look about earlier this week, will be put on vote against the current crest. The winner of the vote that will take place next week will become the official Watford badge from next season.

On Friday, English Premier League club Watford FC announced the five shortlisted entries for the new Watford badge. One of these five finalists logos was co-created by a designer that has been featured on this website already several times - Marcus Dilley. Following the announcement of Watford, he shared some back story on how he created the design with Brian Gundell.

Marcus Dilley is a designer from the UK. had been working for Adidas for several years before founding his own design agency, which is specialized in sports design. Brian Gundell is a graphic designer from Portland (USA) specialized in sports design, especially branding and identity development. His other passion is for type design and print work.

Watford FC Logo By Marcus Dilley and Brian Gundell

The Watford FC logo created by the designers is inspired by "2 main areas played a big part in Watford’s growth as a town, the brewing industry and printing industry". Their Watford logo boasts all the important elements of the club, including the hornet, the team's founding year and the Watford lettering.

The designers did not only create the logo but also created a custom typeface, a secondary logo mark while also showcasing how the logo would look like on the current home & away kits as well as on a potential (and stunning) red and gold third jersey.

Design Breakdown

Custom Typeface

Design Inspiration

Secondary Mark - Updated 1972 WFC Hornet Logo


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