"2020" Football Kits Seem To Be Unbreakable

Thursday, 21 November 2019
Update: A picture from the game between Bulgaria and Czech Republic shows off that Puma has definitely fixed the problem that their kits ripped apart to easily.

Puma's Easily Ripping Kits Are History (Since Already A Few Years)

Malaysia faced Thailand at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and AFC Asian Cup China 2023 Preliminary Joint Qualification Round 2 last week. The Thailand national team lost the match 2-1 - however, it did not seem to be because of their kits...

Puma Blames Production Issues for Faulty Switzerland Jerseys

Thailand Kits By Local Brand Warrix Seem To Be High-Quality

An image from the match shows off that the Thailand kit seems to be actually "unbreakable". It did not rip even though it stretched very, very match as it was under high-pressure from the defender.

Thailand 2019 Asia Cup Kits Released

The kits worn by the Thai national football team were already released in December 2018. They are produced by local brand Warrix, debuted at the 2019 Asia Cup.

In fact, Warrix Sport was just established in 2013. The word "Warrix" is inspired by the word "warrior". WARRIX has been the main sponsor for Thailand national Football Team since January 2017.

However, we are not really surprised that a small Thai company seems to be able to produce very high-quality kits - many soccer jerseys are produced in Thailand, especially from the big brands Adidas and Nike.

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