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Which Is The Best? All-New Brazil, Belgium, Wales & Austria Logos - In Detail

The first 2020-2021 national team kits got released this month. With it, two nations (Austria & Belgium) also revealed the new logos. We take a closer look at four nations that will have a different logo from 2020 - Austria, Belgium, Brazil and Wales.

Wales launched its new visual identity in August 2019. Brazil revealed their new logo in April 2019 - it will feature on Brazil's kits for the first time in 2020 when Nike will reveal the Brazil 2020 Copa America kits.

Austria 2020 Logo

It again features the colors white, black and red and includes the country's famous eagle, the lettering ÖFB, the Austrian flag as well as the lettering 'Seit 1904 - ÖFB' (Since 1904 - ÖFB).

All-New Austria Logo Revealed

Belgium 2020 Logo

It is not about a radical revolution, but rather an evolution, since the three most important elements from the old emblem of the Football Association - crown, wreath and Belgian tricolor - were preserved. The letters KBVB and URBSFA make way for the more international sounding RBFA (Royal Belgian Football Association).

All-New Belgium Logo Revealed - 2020 Kit Debut Imminent

New Brazil Logo - 2019

The new logo was unveiled during new president Rogério Caboclo's inauguration ceremony. Created in collaboration with the Ana Couto agency, the updated identity of the Brazilian federation aims to improve the perception of the brand and "expand public knowledge about all the work done by CBF, which goes far beyond the Brazilian teams."

New Brazil Logo Unveiled

Wales 2019 Logo

To be used on the next Wales kits, the brand-new logo sees the Dragon take center stage and the overall structure simplified.

New Wales Logo & Visual Identity Unveiled Unique Wales 2020 Home Kit Released: New Logo

What do you think of the new Austria, Belgium & Switzerland logos? Share your thoughts in the comments below.