Adidas Predator Archive Ultra Boost Released

Inspired by the Adidas "Predator Archive" on-pitch boots, which in turn are inspired by various classic Predators, Adidas has also launched a 'TR' version with a massive Boost sole.

Insane Adidas 'Predator Archive' 2020 Boots Leaked

Adidas Predator Archive Ultra Boost

This picture shows the Adidas Predator Archive Ultra Boost.

The Adidas Predator Archive boots introduce a Frankenstein look by combining bits and pieces of lots of different Adidas boots. The stripe design on the outside of the right shoe is based on the 2006 Predator Absolute, while the 3-D texture on the inside derives from the Predator 20+.

The left shoe on the other hand features the 3-Stripe design of the Predator X (2009). All of this was placed on top of an Ultra Boost mid- and outsole to make these ready for long-term street action.

The Adidas Predator Archive 2020 sneaker is currently available for pre-order and will ship from 14 January 2020. It retails at €250 per pair in Europe.

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