Feature Kit Designs: Marseille 20-21 Home & Away Pre-Match Shirts + Anthem Jackets Leaked

Update: Official pictures of the OM 20-21 pre-match shirts and anthem jackets have been leaked. In case you missed it, check out the latest updates on the home, away and goalkeeper shirts as well.

Made by Puma, the Marseille 2020-21 pre-match shirts will be worn for the warmup before 20-21 Ligue 1 games.

Olympique Marseille 20-21 Home, Away & Third Kits Leaked

Puma Olympique Marseille 2020-21 Pre-Match Home Shirt

Check out Puma's OM 2020-2021 pre-match home shirt below.

Inspired by the club's 20-21 home kit, the Puma OM 20-21 pre-match home football shirt has a 1990s-like graphic pattern on the front.

Olympique Marseille 20-21 Home Kit Leaked

Puma combines the Puma OM 2020-2021 pre-match home football shirt with Marseille's blue color for the collar and the sleeves.

The jacket version has the graphic design on the sleeves.

Olympique Marseille Puma 2020-2021 Pre-Match Away Football Shirt

This is the new Puma OM pre-match away football shirt for 20-21.

Also based on the club's kit design, the Puma Olympique Marseille 2020-21 pre-match away shirt boasts an illustration showing the city of Marseille on the front.

Olympique Marseille 20-21 Away Kit Leaked

The new Olympique Marseille 2020-21 pre-match home and pre-match away strips release in Summer 2020.

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