New Hellas Verona Logo Revealed

Italian club Hellas Verona earlier today unveiled its new logo. Released with the motto "Back to the Future" as it's inspired by a 1980s classic, the new Hellas logo will officially be used from 1 July 2020.

25 years after the last change to its identity, the new Hellas Verona logo brings back a classic look for the coming years, which will see the club celebrate its 120th and 125th birthday (in 2023 and 2028) as well as the 40th anniversary of the 1985 Scudetto win in 2025.

Hellas Verona 2020 Logo

The new logo represents a modern evolution of the symbol chosen in 1995.

The restyling aims to simplify and update the Hellas brand: only two colors yellow and blue - allow for more ease of use and more seamless monochrome applications.

A symbol that is also an integral part of the logo used so far: two mastiffs in two-faced position , which include the four-rung ladder of the Della Scala Lordship. The club name is written out above the symbol - HELLAS VERONA FC.

Hellas Verona Logo Evolution

It is worth pointing out that the new logo was already used on the 18-19 and 19-20 third shirts - without the added text above the symbol.

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