Puma 'Rise Pack' Boots Pack Released - Not The Euro 2020 Pack & Not Called 'Only See Great'

Puma today launched a bold and eye-catching soccer cleats collection, called the 'Rise Pack'. The Puma 'Rise Pack' was originally intended to be the brand's EURO 2020 soccer boot collection.

The Puma Rise Pack was originally called 'Only See Great' football boot collection. The Only See Great text can be seen on the insole.

Puma 'Rise Pack' Boots Pack - Future & One

The Puma 'Rise Pack' boots are split between peach on the outside and yellow on the inside. It is a new twist on the brand's load Trick design - Puma traditionally uses different colors for the left and right shoes of its 'tournament packs'.

The metallic silver sole plate of the boots is as outstanding as the upper.

Puma Future 'Rise Pack' Boots

Puma One 'Rise Pack' Boots

The Puma 'Rise Pack' soccer cleats set is available since June 4 2020.

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