Clever: UEFA Changes Seats Alignment Of Benfica's Stadium To Disguise Unwanted Sponsors

Thursday, 13 August 2020
If you watched yesterday's UEFA Champions League match between Atalanta and PSG in the empty Estadio da Luz as a Benfica fan or as as stadium fanatic, you surely have noticed that something was different to Benfica's stadium and its seats alignment.

Sponsor Logos On Tribune Seats Disguised With 'Mosaic' By Changing Seats Alignment

For the first stand, UEFA designed and produced a plastic tarpaulin in the theme of the UEFA Champions League featuring the logos of UEFA's official sponsors.

However, with the second and third stands, there is a problem if the seats are empty - they feature the logos of Benfica sponsors Coca-Cola, Fly Emirates and Sagres. However, instead of covering those with plastic sheets, Benfica / UEFA came up with a clever idea.

Instead of covering the sponsors with plastic tarpaulin, Benfica and UEFA changed the red and white seats alignment to hide Benfica's sponsor such as Fly Emirates and Sagres. The result was a good looking red and white moaic-like design.

In the Camp Nou, the sponsor logos were covered with yellow plastic tarpaulinIn other UEFA final tournament matches, the seats were not changed mostly - in the stadium of German lower-division club MSV Duisburg the tribune showed off the MSV lettering on the second sand. In the Camp Nou, the sponsor logos were covered with yellow plastic tarpaulin.

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