Raphaël Varane Joins Puma

Update: Puma today officially announced that they signed Raphaël Varane. The French center back will wear the Puma Ultra 1.2 football boots - Varane had been sponsored by Nike for various years previously. He mostly wore the brand's Tiempo boots.

Puma Signs Raphaël Varane

Update - February 15 2021: For the first time ever, Raphaël Varane laced up in a branded Puma football boot in an official match yesterday. This means that he has certainly agreed and signed a deal with Puma.

Varane had been wearing blackout Puma Ultra football boots in official matches since January 23 2021. He previously laced up in Nike Tiempo Legend VII boots.

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Raphaël Varane Wears Branded Puma Ultra 1.2 Football Boots

September 2020: Raphaël Varane to Join Puma - Wears Blackout Puma Ultra Boots In Training

Update: Varane was spotted wearing blackout Puma Ultra soccer boots in one of Real Madrid's training sessions this week. However, in Real Madrid's last match and latest training session, he used his regular Nike Tiempo Legend boots.

Raphaël Varane Spotted In Blackout Puma Ultra Boots

Varane laced up in a non-modified black version of the Puma Ultra 1.1.

Real Madrid defender Raphaël Varane has been totally surprisingly spotted in Puma Ultra football boots in today's training session.

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Varane has been sponsored by Nike for many years. He had been lacing in the Nike Tiempo Legend VII soccer cleats before switching to the Puma Ultra soccer cleats silo.

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Raphaël Varane was spotted wearing the SG version of the Puma Ultra boots in training - this indicates that he could sign a sponsorship deal with Puma.

Varane was also spotted with a blackout version of the Puma Ultra.

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Stay tuned for updates as this story evolves.

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