Why Is Paul Pogba Wearing A Sleeve On His Arm? And Is It Even Allowed?

Update: French superstar Paul Pogba again wore a black sleeve on his left arm tonight as the Red Devils defeated Tottenham 3-1.

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Pogba Wears Compression Sleeve by French Brand BV Sport

French midfielder Paul Pogba has been wearing a sleeve on his right arm in the past few matches. But why? French football equipment experts Footpack have investigated the question.

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Exact Reasons For Pogba's Sleeve On Arm Not Known

Paul Pogba wore a navy sleeve in the match against Ukraine and a white one with the Adidas logo against Portugal.

There is no official reason why Pogba is wearing the sleeve since the player has not revealed the reason(s), so there are several hypotheses, as Footpack notes.

The first hypothesis is an injury or the prevention of an injuryThe first hypothesis is an injury or the prevention of an injury. In fact, in the early 2000s, NBA player Iverson suffered from bursitis (an inflammation of a serous bursa) and used a sleeve in order to compress the painful region. He scored 50 points in the first match wearing a sleeve and never wore no sleeve again.

In the France Ukraine match, Pogba was wearing a special compression sleeve of French brand BV Sport. The ARX BV Sport sleeve, in example, is designed to ensure muscle retention. The vibrations are reduced while leaving you an optimal freedom of movement.

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The second hypothesis is simply the styleThe second hypothesis is simply the style. A source close to the player told Footpack that "It's simply aesthetic".

However, while it remains Pogba's secret why he is wearing a sleeve, it is sure that he did something illegal in the match against Portugal - he usually would not be allowed to wear a white sleeve with a navy shirt.

According to Chapter 10, article 41.01 paragraph I of the UEFA regulations, it is not allowed to wear equipment of contrasting colors.

"The articles of equipment worn on the playing field the legs and arms should be the same color as the corresponding item of the playing outfit (e.g. elbow pads or tape used on the arm should be the same color as the corresponding shirt sleeve and the knee pads should be the same color as the shorts)".

In addition, the very large Adidas logo on the front of the cuff was also against the regulations ""Medical equipment worn on the playing field must be a solid color and must not show any identification of the team or the manufacturer."

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