Ukraine Also Copied France's 2018 World Cup Kit Font, But More Secretly Than South Africa

Update: When seeing highlights of the UEFA Nations League match between Germany and Ukraine, we observed that Ukraine's kits have a typeface that has been more or less directly taken from France and their 2018 World Cup kits.

Ukraine 2020 Kit Font Taken From France's With Rounded Corners

The Ukraine 2020 jersey font was taken from France's typeface but was edited by the Ukrainian national football team - the letters and numbers come with rounded corners, and the numbers also feature the Ukrainian Association of Football crest.

Le Coq Sportif / South Africa Steals France 2018 World Cup Kit Font

The South African national team debuted its new Le Coq Sportif jerseys this month. The kit's font is not unique but almost the same as the bespoke Nike-designed 2018 World Cup-winning France kit font.

South Africa Uses France 2018 World Cup Kit Font

A direct comparison between the Nike France 2018 World Cup and the Le Coq Sportif South Africa jersey typeface reveals that South Africa has stolen the font from France. The major difference is that South Africa's numbers come with a larger line in them and without the France crest on the bottom.

South Africa's kits have been designed by French brand Le Coq Sportif, but we are not sure who is responsible for copying the font - the French sport brand or the South African Football Association.

Kits featuring the stolen typeface of the South Africa 2020 kits are not available. The blank South Africa Le Coq Sportif jerseys retail at 799 South African Rand (44 Euro).

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