LEAKED: Nike To Replace Vaporknit For "All-New" 'Dri-FIT ADV' Authentic Technology

Update: The first football product featuring Nike's new Dri-FIT ADV technology has been leaked. It not only gives us a first look at the new Dri-FIT ADV logo but also at the new cut & material Nike's of player-issue kits and other products for 21-22.

Nike's authentic products will have a new authentic technology from 2021 to replace Vaporknit. Let us find out all about "Nike Dri-FIT ADV".

Ahead of the EURO 2016, Nike introduced its all-new authentic kit, called Nike Aeroswift. In 2018, Nike Aeroswift was replaced with Nike Vaporknit. The second-gen Nike Vaporknit was just launched in 2020.

Nike 2021 Authentic Technology - Nike Dri-FIT ADV

The new Nike 2021 authentic jersey technology is called "Nike Dri-FIT ADV". The name derives from Nike's replica shirt technology, Dri-FIT, with an added ADV for "Advanced".

The replica kit technology is still called "Nike Dri-FIT".

Nike Dri-FIT ADV follows the same approach as VaporknitThe Nike Dri-FIT match kits come with a new cut - it was designed with reduced seams to allow for free movement.

Tech-wise, the Nike Dri-FIT ADV products combine "moisture-wicking fabric with advanced engineering and features" to keep players cool.

In fact, Nike's FC Barcelona 2021 training range already feature Nike's next-gen knit material.

Nike Dri-FIT ADV follows the same approach as VaporknitNike Dri-FIT ADV follows the same approach as Vaporknit - optimal breathability through advanced engineering. So it is an evolution and name change for the next-generation authentic player-issue performance products but not a completely new beginning.

All Nike 2021-2022 football kits will have the "Nike Dri-FIT ADV" technology. The Nike Dri-FIT ADV will be also used for other high-end Nike football products such as training gear.

Nike reunites its different sports and its authentic player issue productsFor 2021, Nike has created a range of Dri-FIT ADV products for Rafa Nadal.

For Rafael Nadal's 'Dri-FIT ADV' shirt, Nike "used insights from Rafa to create a sleeve design that feels smooth and natural through your swing". Rafael Nadal's 2021 removes seams from the back of the shoulders for fewer restrictions.

Nike Dri-FIT - Replica Kit Technology 2021-22

  • Nike Dri-FIT technology moves sweat from your skin for quicker evaporation - helping you stay dry and comfortable.
  • Replica design is modeled after what the pros wear on the pitch.

The Nike Dri-FIT ADV authentic kits will retail at 140 Euro, just as the Vaporknit.

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