Did Adidas Steal Manchester United Digital Fourth Kit Design From Nike? - Worst Shirt in Club History?

Released just over two years ago, the Adidas x EA Sports Manchester United 18-19 'Digital Fourth' kit, is objectively one of the worst to ever be released. Thankfully, it was never worn on-pitch.

Adidas x EA Sports Manchester United Kit Released

But randomly browsing the web recently, one of our writers noticed something else that's peculiar about the design - it appears to be a direct rip-off of an item from the Nike x SOPH FC Real Bristol 2015 S/S collection.

The collection, which was unveiled in February of 2015, features a range of items bearing a print that's extremely similar to the one found on the Manchester United shirt. Even more so, several of the items boast a colorway that's almost exactly the same.

Introduced in 2017 for FIFA 18, the Adidas x EA Sports Digital Fourth shirts were short-lived, likely in part due to the fact that three of the four featured clubs (Bayern, Juventus and Manchester United) signed exclusive deals with Konami shortly after.

Instead, the three-stripe brand has since focused on different concepts, including a number of retro remakes, such as the recent Arsenal 91-92 shirt, as well as other collaborations like the one with Pharrell Williams' Humanrace not long ago.

​Rating All Adidas Humanrace Jerseys - Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid

Do you think that Adidas took a page out of Nike and SOPH's book for this one? Do you agree with this being one of the worst football shirts to be ever released? Let's hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.