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Club Bolivar Joins City Football Group, Puma to Replace Joma as Kit Supplier

Bolivian giants Club Bolivar have joined City Football Group as its first "Partner Club".

This agreement will allow Bolivar to have access to CFG's expertise, proprietary technology and strategic advice. For example, the club will have access to CFG's internal Football Data and Insights platform, which includes "multiple tools and dashboards to allow Club Bolivar to further deepen its understanding of the performance of its teams and players."

As a Partner Club, Bolivar will get to keep its previous logo and name. However, it was announced that the club will switch kit suppliers from the current one, Joma, to Puma. The initial deal between Puma and the club will run for five years, from the 2021 to the 2025 season.

Marcelo Claure, President of Bolivar, said: “Today, a dream becomes reality. Club Bolivar joins the City Football Group family as a Partner Club, consolidating a long-term project developing world-class football, corporate and infrastructure standards that will enable Club Bolivar to become even bigger.

“We will utilize the expertise and advice that CFG brings to continue in our goal to place Bolivar as a top club in Latin America.“

"Help the nation qualify for the World Cup"

“Led by our recently appointed Sporting Director, Javier Recio, and now supported by the advice and expertise of City Football Group’s consultant, Bolivian native Rodrigo Marion, Club Bolivar aims to build a strong organization and develop players to help the nation qualify for the World Cup.

Ferran Soriano, Chief Executive Officer of City Football Group, said: “We are very pleased to grow our global presence through this important collaboration with Club Bolivar, City Football Group’s first Partner Club.

“As well as supporting Club Bolivar’s ambitions, we have an opportunity to learn. Our work in Bolivia will certainly strengthen our knowledge of, and network in, South American football."

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