Team Shares "Internal" Documents Of Nike Football Kits

A small semi-professional football club has shared two interesting images that showcase graphics that are usually only for "internal" use.

The pictures were shared by semi-professional club Hackney Wick FC. They had the chance to get the same treatment as Nike's biggest clubs for their 2019-2020 kits.

Hackney Wick FC Shares Insight Documents Of Nike Football Design Process

The first image shows the final product sketch of a Nike football kit. It does not only feature the kit's final designs but also the official color codes and instructions of how the manufacturer the kit and its elements.

All these images are nothing earth-shattering for people in the industryIn example, the kit has an "EMBROIDERED SWOOSH", while most other logos and elements feature the note "HEAT TRANSFER".

These product drawings are made for every product Nike lets produce. Similar images already leaked for some of Nike's 2021-2022 products.

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The second image is more interesting. It shows a Nike 3D sketch of the team's custom kits. This 3D render is the same that was used by Nike to showcase the 2019-20 kits of Barcelona, Chelsea and others to retailers and the clubs, we can confirm.

The same 3d render was used for Nike's retailer presentationsAll these images are nothing earth-shattering for people in the industry, so we are sure that Nike does not have any problems with the team sharing it.

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