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How Nike's Sunderland 21-22 Kits Could End Up If Based On Teamwear

Sunderland's 21-22 kits will be the second modern club shirts made by Nike. We imagine how the AFC Sunderland 2021-2022 kits could look like if totally based on templates.

Sunderland switched to Nike for the 2020-21 season. Their first modern Nike kits were bespoke partly - custom colors for the away and custom stripes for the home.

Sunderland 2021-2022 Home Kit Concept

Using the Nike Striped Division IV jersey as base, our AFC Sunderland's 2021-22 concept home kit has a simple stripes look in the club's renowned colors.

Indeed, it would perfectly fit Sunderland, but we believe Nike will give them a partly bespoke kit.

The Nike Park Derby III kit is available starting from 15 GBP

Current home vs "concept 20-21"

In fact, the Nike Striped Division 4 jersey retails at just 29 Euro.

Sunderland 21-22 Concept Away Jersey

Our Nike Sunderland 2021-22 concept away shirt is blue with red applications and white logos. It looks like a bespoke-colored look for Sunderland (if taking account their previous away strips) but is just the standard Park Derby III teamwear template in blue, red and white.

2020-21 away kit

We do not think that the actual Sunderland 21-22 kits will be based on standard teamwear but that Sunderland will get partly custom kits (colors + other elements).

The standard logoless Park Derby III kit is available starting from 15 GBP.

Would you like these to be the actual AFC Sunderland 2021-2022 kits? Do you think that many Nike teams will wear these teamwear kits next season? Comment below.