All Nike 21-22 Elite Teams Home Kits Released / Leaked

Update: Official pictures of all 'Elite Team' Nike 21-22 home kits were released or leaked. All of them boast outstanding looks except Tottenham's 21-22 home shirt. It stands out for being very simple.

Nike 21-22 Home Kits

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The new 2021-2022 Nike home shirts all feature bespoke looks. They do not follow a streamlined design language but each club gets something solely created for them.

All home kits have bespoke looksBarcelona's 21-22 home kit comes with a never-seen-before look, PSG's kit is made by the Nike-owned Jordan brand and Inter's kit not only boasts the club's new logo but also an all-new snakeskin look.

Goalkeeper template

Template and tech-wise, all the kits are based on the next-gen Vaporknit template for 2021, which is called Nike Dri-Fit Adv.

FC Barcelona 21-22 Home Kit

An all-new look, the Nike FC Barcelona 21-22 shirt features an eye-catching and unusual design inspired by the club crest.

FC Barcelona 21-22 Home Kit Revealed

Jordan Paris Saint-Germain Nike 2021-22 Home Kit

After a very classic rendition this year, the Jordan PSG 2021-2022 home jersey replaces the classic Hechter with a jacquard application that sees the iconic center stripe and border applied in a tonal way.

Jordan PSG 21-22 Home Kit Released

Liverpool FC 2021-2022 Home Shirt

The Nike Liverpool 2021-2022 shirt boasts a modern look. The Nike Liverpool 21-22 jersey combines a red base with bright red applications. It features diagonal stripes that include a zig-zag; the sleeve cuffs are bright red.

Liverpool 21-22 Home Kit Released

Tottenham Hotspur 21-22 Home Shirt

The Nike Tottenham Hotspur 2021-2022 home jersey features the club's traditional colors - white and navy blue. It's a very clean look that does not feature any other accents color - the yellow from this season's kit is gone.

Tottenham 21-22 Home Kit Released

Nike Chelsea 21-22 Home Kit

The Nike Chelsea 2021-22 shirt has a very different look to the 20-21 home shirt. The Nike Chelsea FC 2021-22 home jersey combines the main color 'Lyon Blue' with 'Opti Yellow' logos. Lyon Blue is a fresh royal blue, while Opti Yellow is a rather standard yellow.

Available from May 2021, Chelsea FC's 2021-2022 home kit retails at 90 USD (replica) / 140 USD (Vaporknit).

Nike Chelsea 21-22 Home Kit Released

Atlético Nike 2021-22 Home Shirt

The Nike Atletico Madrid 21-22 home jersey features the classic red and white. The official colors are "Sport Red / White".

Atletico Madrid 21-22 Home Kit Released

Nike Inter Milan 21-22 Home Kit

The Nike Inter Milan 2021-2022 home shirt combines the main colors 'Blue Spark' & 'Black' with 'Truly Gold' for logos. Even though the redesign introduced a new color palette, these colors are the same as those used in the 2020-21 season.

Nike Inter Milan 21-22 Home Kit Leaked

Nike Galatasaray 21-22 Home Shirt

Reminiscent of the classic AS Monaco look, the Nike Galatasaray 21-22 home kit features a diagonal half-and-half design - the right side and sleeve are mainly yellow, while the left is red.

Nike Galatasaray 21-22 Home & Goalkeeper Kits Leaked - Official Pictures

Nike RB Leipzig 2021-22 Home Shirt

Mainly white, the Nike RB Leipzig 2021-22 jersey combines this base with a saturated shade of red (Global Red). The yellow accents of 20-21 are gone in favour of Leipzig's traditional color combination.

RB Leipzig 21-22 Home Kit Released

Do you like Nike's home kits for 2021-22? Which of the Nike 21-22 home kits do you look most forward to? Comment below.