Adidas Cruzeiro 2021 Centenary Third Kit Revealed

Adidas just released a green shirt for Brazilian club Cruzeiro as part of the club's 100-years anniversary.

Cruzeiro was founded on January 2, 1921, by sportsmen from the Italian colony of Belo Horizonte and others, who decided to create a new club called Societá Sportiva Ypiranga, changing the name months later to Palestra Mineiro and after one game to Palestra Itália.

As a result of the Second World War, the Brazilian federal government banned the use of any symbols referring to the Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) in 1942. The club board members rebaptized the club with the name of a leading national symbol: the Cruzeiro do Sul's constellation (Southern Cross).

Cruzeiro Adidas 2021 Third Kit

Check out the Adidas Cruzeiro 2021 third football shirt below.

The Adidas Cruzeiro 2021 third football shirt is mainly green, just as the first-ever Cruzeiro (Palestra Itália) kit.

The left chest features the Southern Cross star constellation, a central part of the club's contemporary badge, while the right chest comes with the club's first-ever logo.

There were several green Cruzeiro shirts througohut the years, boasting various older logos, including a Reebok goalkeeper shirt and the 2011 third kit, also by Reebok.

Adidas combines the Adidas Cruzeiro 2021 third shirt with golden for the Adidas logo and Three Stripes, while the sleeve cuffs have the colors of the Italian flag.

The new Cruzeiro 2021 third kit was unveiled today, and will be available shortly.

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