No Stars On Kits Anymore? Will Bayern Munich Place The Fifth Star On 21-22 Kits?

Update: Many official images of the Adidas Bayern Munich 21-22 away kit were leaked. All of them do not feature any stars at all - Adidas produced the 21-22 away kit without it.

Bayern Kits To Feature No Stars In Future

So what does this mean? First, the fifth star will be almost certainly not placed above the four 'old'. It even seems possible that the new Bayern 21-22 away jersey will be launched without stars, and there is even the option that Bayern will have not any stars on their kits in the future.

In fact, Bundesliga rules just say that the kit "shall display" stars for Bundesliga titles but not must have them. We will find out what Bayern makes with the stars with the official launch of the jersey at the latest.

Adidas could still also add them to the kit.

Bayern & Their Five Stars - Options

  • No stars on all kits in the future
  • Only 21-22 away kit without stars
  • Five stars will be added to all kits at the end

Original Story: How Will Bayern Munich Place The Fifth Star On Leaked 21-22 Kits?

Bayern Munich has won their ninth consecutive Bundesliga title. It was their 30th official Bundesliga title, meaning they have earned the fifth star for their kits. But how will the fifth star be placed on their 2021-22 kits?

Bayern to Add Fifth Star to 21-22 Kits - Update

Two Star Placement Options For Bayern Munich 21-22 Kits

The last time Bayern Munich gained an extra star was in 2008 when they won their 20th Bundesliga title. Back then, they carried over their 2007-08 home kit and released new away and third kits.

BVB had offset stars in 2012-13 season2007/08 and 2008-09 home kits - one with three, the other with an extra fourth star on the top

2008-09 alternative shirts - four stars nextothether

What is very interesting is that there were two different star placements in 2008-09. The club added the new fourth star on the top of the 'old' 2007-08 home kit, while the away and third kits had the four stars next together.

Leak with four stars

Adidas certainly had in mind that Bayern could win the 5th starWhat is also noteworthy is that Bayern's 2009-10 kits did not feature offset stars, in contrast to Puma's BVB kits of the 2012-23 season. The club manually added the second star to the ready shirts with one star, meaning that there was a counterbalance.

We strongly expect Adidas had in mind that Bayern could win the 5th star when they produced the 21-22 kits. So the Three Stripes brand possibly produced the 21-22 kits without stars to add fifth stars without being offset (or they will add the fifth star on the top).

So, all in all, we think that there are only two options - first, the star is added on the top. Second, the five stars are next together but not offset.

Bayern to Add Fifth Star to 21-22 Kits - Update

Exclusive: Bayern München 21-22 Away Kit Leaked

How do you think FC Bayern Munich will place the fifth star? Do you think Adidas produced the kit without the stars? Comment below