UEFA Women’s Champions League 2021 Logo + New Anthem Released

Just as the other UEFA club competitions, the UEFA Women’s Champions League will have a new anthem and brand identity from the start of the 2021-22 season.

New UEFA 2021 Logos Leaked

From next season, the UEFA Women’s Champions League will also feature a more competitive format, with the addition of champions and league qualifying paths for early rounds, a 16-team group stage followed by a knockout stage.

Old branding

UEFA Women’s Champions League 2021 Logo

A quite heavy change to the previous branding, the new UEFA Women’s Champions League brand ditches the previous purple for a blue color scheme that is more similar to the Men's Champions League.

The logo comes with updated stars and an updated typeface. The Women’s part is much smaller now.

According to UEFA, the new identity "reflects the prestigious, inspiring and progressive character of a competition composed of the best women’s club sides in Europe".

“The UEFA Women’s Champions League is a competition in its own right, with its own sporting and commercial set-up, with its own uniqueness. So why shouldn’t we have a separate anthem and brand attached to this competition? People need to know the UEFA Women’s Champions League, they need to have something they can relate to and be attached to and I believe such an anthem is really important for a recognisable competition,” said UEFA’s chief of women’s football, Nadine Kessler.

UEFA Women’s Champions League Anthem - The Time is Now

Meanwhile, the anthem follows the same principles as the world-famous UEFA Men's Champions League anthem, which is sung in UEFA’s three official languages – English, French and German by the Groot Omroepkoor (Dutch Broadcasting Choir). An extract from the final verse can be found below and empathises the pride and honour the players will feel, when they step onto the pitch before an important European club encounter. It will be played before kick-off, as the players line-up.

“The new brand identity of the UEFA Women’s Champions League has the potential to take the competition to the next level, by giving it the visual recognition that the world’s greatest women’s club competition deserves,” said UEFA marketing director, Guy-Laurent Epstein.

“The new branding and anthem, together with the new competition format and commercial model, can only help to make the UEFA Women’s Champions League a more exciting proposition for both our current and prospective partners and sponsors in the future.

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