What If Premier League Would Introduce a Star System?

For the 2021-22 season, German Bundesliga giant Bayern Munich earned the fifth star on their kit by winning their 30th Bundesliga title. We asked how Premier League's teams' kits would look like if the league would launch a star system for champions.

FIFA gives nations one star for each FIFA World Cup titleIn football, many national and club teams include one or more stars as part of the team badge appearing on their shirt, to represent important achievements for the team's history. Many leagues and FIFA have specific rules for stars on football kits, including the Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1. FIFA gives nations one star for each FIFA World Cup title.

No Stars On Kits Anymore? Will Bayern Munich Place The Fifth Star On 21-22 Kits?

Premier League Football Kits With Stars

For the Premier League, it would be the most logical decision to allow stars for English League titles won, and not only for titles won since the introduction of the Premier League.

three teams have won more than 10 titlesThe Football League was established in 1888, and there have been 122 English first division titles won by teams so far. There are 24 clubs that have won the English title, of whom three have won more than 10 titles.

10 titles could be needed for one starOur fictional star system gives a team one star for every 10 titles, as is the case in the Ligue 1 and Serie A. Three teams would have a star on their kit.

English League Titles & Fictional Stars

1: Manchester United 20 ➡️ 2 Stars
2: Liverpool 19 ➡️ 1 Star
3: Arsenal 13 ➡️ 1 Star
4: Everton 9
5: Aston Villa 7
5: Manchester City 7
7: Sunderland 6
7: Chelsea 6
9: Newcastle United 4
9:Sheffield Wednesday 4

Manchester United would be the only team with two stars (20 league titles), while Liverpool (19 titles) and Arsenal (13 titles) would have one star.

Manchester United would be the only team with two starsEverton would need one more title for a star, while Man City would need three more titles, and Chelsea four.

Would you like Premier League teams to have stars on their kits for titles won? Comment below.