2021-2024 UEFA Equipment Regulations Released

UEFA quietly released the new 2021 UEFA Equipment Regulations.

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UEFA Equipment Regulations are the laws for kits and other equipmentThe UEFA Equipment Regulations define all parts of the equipment worn by teams and players, including the jerseys. The old UEFA Equipment Regulations were released in 2018.

UEFA 2021 Equipment Regulations - Sleeve Sponsorship Now Allowed, Other Rules Mostly Identical / Very Similar

The new 2021 UEFA Equipment Regulations are very similar to the old UEFA Equipment Regulations, which were released three years ago.

UEFA Now Allows Sleeve SponsorsThe main new thing about the UEFA Equipment Regulations is that sleeve sponsorship is now allowed, as defined in Article 28.04.

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All other features of the UEFA Equipment Regulations appear more or less identical to the previous edition. One thing UEFA added is some examples of kit clashes, especially clashes for colorblind people.

Very similar - The new regulations have 60 instead of 59 articlesThe similarity between the old and the new regulations is also confirmed by the size of the document. The old 2018 UEFA Equipment Regulations consisted of 68 pages and 59 Articles, while the new 2021 UEFA Equipment Regulations have 67 pages and 60 Articles.

The 2021 regulations were adopted by the UEFA Executive Committee at its meeting on 19 April 2021. We expect them to be in force in the 2021–2024 cycle, until summer 2024.

Check out the full 2021 UEFA Equipment Regulations on UEFA's website

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