Adidas Juventus 2021-22 140 EUR Authentic vs 90 EUR Replica Kit

Just as for its four other "Elite" teams, Adidas has released an authentic and replica version of the new Juventus 2021-2022 home kit - let us compare them (thanks to @jerseyreview for comparison pictures).

Adidas Juventus 21-22 Home Kit - Authentic vs Replica

Visually, the Juventus 21-22 home kit versions are the same, at least from far. However, a closer look reveals some remarkable differences as the authentic jersey comes with a very different material to the replica (Heat.Rdy vs Aeroready).

Authentic in the foreground

Whereas the authentic shirt comes with the striped design made by sewing together black and white threads, the replica stripes are printed on it.

The "Authentic" jersey is the version worn by Juventus' team on the pitch
Replica on the left

A unique difference of Juventus' kit is the subtle stars design visible on the front, which is printed on the replica but created with a special sewing technology on the authentic.

In terms of tech, the Adidas authentic and replica Juventus 21-22 kits have the same materials and differences as other Adidas 21-22 jerseys such as heat-applied vs stitched logos. Check out all differences between the authentic and replica Adidas 21-22 kits in our article about the two Adidas Juventus 21-22 away kit versions.

The "Authentic" jersey is the version worn by Juventus' team on the pitch. The fit, much tighter than the Home version, is designed for the athlete's body.

The replica shirt is "Created for fans. The jersey has a regular fit with a slightly looser cut than the version worn by Juventus' players."

Prices are the same as for the jerseys of Bayern, Real Madrid, and others. 140 Euro for the authentic, 90 Euro for the replica.

The Authentic kit costs you extra 50 EuroJuventus 21-22 Home Kit Released

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