Chelsea To Have No Star Ball On Kits In Champions League Next Season

Chelsea's kit will look different to before in the UEFA Champions League next season - it won't feature the iconic starball Champions League sleeve badge.

From the 2021-22 season, UEFA has updated its sleeve badges in order to allow sleeve sponsors. This brings a lot of changes, including updated sleeve badges.

UEFA Allows Sleeve Sponsors

UEFA Champions League 21-22 Sleeve Badges Revealed - Sleeve Sponsors From Next Season

New UEFA 2021-2022 UCL Sleeve Badge System

As titleholders, Chelsea will not have the starball but just the UCL Titleholder sleeve badge and UEFA Foundation logo. The difference to before is that the Titleholders badge does not include the year of the triumph anymore.

Previously, reigning champions had a Titleholders badge with the year of the triumph. Bayern's 2020-21 UCL kits featured two special badges - one for the club's 19-20 UCL title, and one for the club's six UCL titles.

The kits of every team in the UCL will feature only two badges

The badge for honoring teams with more than 5 trophies (or 3 consecutive trophies) is gone.

There will be just 2 badges in the UCL from 2021

The new 2021 UEFA Champions League sleeve badge regulations are part of the new 2021 UEFA Equipment Regulations.

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