Messi Did Not Break Out Parts Of Sole Plate of Adidas X.Speedflow.1 'El Retorno' Boots

Update: Better pictures reveal that Messi did not cut out parts of the soleplate of his Adidas Messi El Retorno boots - it was just grass/mud from the pitch that stuck on.

However, the Argentinian is wearing a custom studs configuration that is the same as the one from the Adidas Messi 16.1 cleats (very big thanks to @gess_kaja).

In the Copa América match yesterday against Chile, Messi wore a pair of X.Speedflow.1 'El Retorno' with some modification to his liking.

Adidas Messi "El Retorno" Limited-Edition Boots Released

Tech-wise, Messi's pair of 'El Retorno' comes with several differences to the retail version

Modified Adidas X.Speedflow.1 'El Retorno' By Lionel Messi

In terms of tech, Messi is not wearing a one-piece material but, instead, has a burrito-tongue style to it. This is similar to previous custom Nemeziz boots of Messi.

Then heel-liner is not the thin, mesh-based tab found on the retail version, but a cushioning suede material usually found on traditional football boots.

Messi is using the same studs configuration he used in 2016, the one from the Adidas Messi 16.1 soccer cleats.

Messi did not broke out parts of the sole plateWhat is strange is that Messi's left shoe appears to come without the center stud in the front area. However, it is just grass stuck on it.

Visually, Messi's pair of 'El Retorno' is identical to the retail versionVisually, Messi's pair of 'El Retorno' is identical to the retail version, except for various custom elements for him. Messi's cleats feature the names of his wife and children, as well as the birthday of the latter, located on the lateral side of each boot.

The right boot shows the names of Thiago and Mateo while the left one displays his wife's and Ciro, the youngest child.

The Argentina flag and his number 10 are found on the insteps.

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