First-Ever League-Wide Brasileirão Kit Font Released

The Brazilian League is the latest to implement a league-wide font. Ceará confirmed this with the release of their new home kit and were also the first to use the new style on their kits in the opening weekend, alongside Atlético Goianiense.

And while the other teams didn't yet adapt to the change, it was reported that they have until the fourth round of matches to do so. As is the case in Europe, where "standardized" fonts have become very common over the past few years, clubs will continue to wear custom designs in cup competitions.

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Brasileirão 2021 Font

Check out the all-new Brasileirão font below.

@j.p.antonio created a digital representation of the new font, which he's made available to download at

It's a bold font with traditional numerals and an exaggerated 3D effected. Each team's logo is placed at the bottom next to the league's, while the area at the top can be used for sponsor logos.

In the case of Ceará, there also appears to be a QR code at the bottom right of the number, but we will have to see if that will be a league-wide thing or not.

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