Last Nike Team to Drop Out of Euro 2020 Today?

England will face Germany in the seventh match of the quarter-finals of the UEFA Euro 2020. If the Three Lions will not advance to the next round, this will also mean that the biggest brand will not win the Euro 2020 title.

EURO 2020 Kit Makers Battle - Domination Of The Big Three

Eight Nike Teams Already Dropped Out Of Euro 2020

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Out of Nike's nine Euro 2020 teams, no nation has yet qualified for the quarter-finals at Euro 2020 yet. Only England still has a chance to qualify for the next round after all other teams have been eliminated, including Euro 2016 champions Portugal and 2018 World Cup winners France.

Both France and Portugal were eliminated on MondayPuma has been the most successful brand in terms of kits yet, with three of the four original teams qualified for the quarter-finals (Puma-sponsored Austria lost against Puma-sponsored Italy). Adidas could supply up to 4 teams, Hummel has one (Denmark).

Euro 2020 Kit Makers

Euro 2020 was the first major tournament in which Nike surpassed Adidas as the dominant kit maker.

EURO 2020 Kit Makers Battle - Domination Of The Big Three

In terms of sales and publicity, it is Hummel x Denmark who is the undisputed winners of the Euro 2020 so far. The Hummel Denmark kits are completely sold out.

Original Nike Euro 2020 Teams

🇭🇷 Croatia
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England
🇮 Finland
🇷 France
🇳🇱 Holland
🇵🇱 Poland
🇵🇹 Portugal
🇸🇰 Slovakia
🇹🇷 Turkey

UEFA Euro 2020 Quarter-Finals - Kit Makers Of Last 8 Teams

  • Puma: 3 teams
  • Adidas: 2 teams (4 possible)
  • Hummel: 1 team
  • Nike: 0 teams (1 possible)
  • Joma: 0 teams (1 possible)

Euro 2020 Kit Overview - All 24 Team's Kits

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