Adidas Gucci-Inspired Real Madrid 22-23 Jacket Leaked - Not An Official Cooperation

Update: Better pictures of the "Gucci-inspired" Adidas Real Madrid jacket have been leaked. It's part of a larger collection called the "Lux Pack".

Update: We can leak the first product of the Real Madrid 22-23 collection inspired by Gucci. It is not an official cooperation of the brands but only inspired by Gucci, as previously already stated in our article.

Gucci officially denied rumors of a collaboration

Several fashion media took up our story and said that Gucci x Adidas would collaborate on a collection - Gucci then denied these "rumors". We apologize for our misleading picture but nevertheless always recommended reading the article.

Adidas will further unite the fashion world with soccer in the 2022-2023 season. The Three Stripes brand will release a collection inspired by the trademark design of luxury Italian fashion brand Gucci for Real Madrid in Summer 2022.

Adidas Real Madrid 2022-23 'Gucci Collection'

This is a jacket of the Madrid 22-23 off-pitch collection.

Inspired by the trademark design of Gucci, the Adidas Real Madrid 22-23 collection replaces the famous Gucci pattern in favor of Real Madrid's crest.

In terms of color, Adidas opts for a navy base with Real Madrid's crest in monochrome white. Alternative colorways could be available as well.

There certainly won't be on-pitch items or even a kit with the design

The Gucci pattern is one of the most famous designs in the world, and the Adidas Real Madrid 22-23 "off-pitch" collection will look very similar from a distance.

Real Madrid star Karim Benzema has been was frequently spotted wearing Gucci clothing.

The Gucci-inspired Real Madrid Adidas collection will not include any on-pitch items such as a kit.

Real Madrid's 22-23 collection will be launched in Summer 2022 - most probably in May / June 2022.

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