80k Worth Of Fake Shirts Seized By Police In London

Recent raids conducted by London and Manchester Police have found counterfeited goods, including football shirts, worth over £80,000 and £168,000.

British Police Seized Large Number Of Fake Shirts In London And Manchester

In the span of a week, two counterfeit storage facility were raided by British police. The first one was in London, where the home and warehouse of a 19-year-old man were found to have over £80,000 worth of fake football shirts.

According to the police, these goods were shipped just in time for EURO 2020 and might have been sold as both retail and wholesale.

Detective Sergeant Andrew Masterson, from the City of London Police, said: “This individual used the start of the Euros to make financial gain and sell illegal t-shirts both online and at his make-shift store.

The second police raid happened one week later in Manchester uncovered a wide range of fake products worth £168,000, among them were football shirts.

Avoiding Counterfeited Football Shirts

Counterfeit football shirts have always been a problem for fans buying their favourite team's shirt, especially during major competition like EURO 2020. Not everyone is willing to pay the full retail price and as they try to find a good deal, the chance of encountering a fake shirts becomes much greater.

So, here are some tips to avoid buying counterfeit football shirts:

  1. Obviously, buy from a reputable seller. Whether it's directly from Nike, Adidas, Puma etc. or from well-known retailers in your country, this is the safest way to do.
  2. Check the price. If it is too good to be true, it probably is.
  3. Look at the details. Logos, tags, graphics, colours, anything that doesn't look like the official products is an indication that you're very likely looking at a fake shirt.
  4. Avoid large bulk offer. This is more applicable to retro shirts as these are out of production.

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