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Özil Joins Concave & Becomes Global Creative Director of Australian Football Boots Brand

Update: Özil returned to the Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 boots from the Nike Motivation collection for yesterday's UEFA Europa League match against HJK Helsinki. This comes as quite a big surprise as with Özil being the Global Creative Director of Football at Concave Asia since Sunday.

The deal does not bond Özil to wear Concave boots only

As noted by Thai boot experts UnderStats, this would “confirm his collaboration with Concave is not a contract in the form of a personal sponsor. It is a collaboration through the brand "M10 Streetwear" owned by Ozil to produce products together in the future.” We did not think Özil would be lacing up in non-Concave boots as soon...

Former German international and current Fenerbahce player Mesut Özil is going new ways in the football boots market. He will not only wear boots of the Australian brand Concave but also becomes a creative director for the brand.

Concave is a small Australia-based football boots manufacturer

Concave is a small Australia-based football boots manufacturer. In the world of boot addicts, they are famous for their trademark Concave element that is designed to increase shooting power and accuracy by providing a larger sweet spot.

Mesut Özil trained on Concave football boots for the first time in April 2021. Özil had been without a boot contract since his deal with Adidas expired in summer 2020.

Concave Mesut Özil Football Boots

The Concave Mesut Özil signature cleats appear to be based on the Halo+, the brand's trademark model. They are white with golden design elements and a black Özil logo.

Mesut Özil wore a slightly different pair of signature Concave Halo+ soccer cleats in the latest training session.

Özil announced that he and Concave will launch an "exciting range of M10 x Concave football boots and apparel".

Özil wbecome the new Global Creative Director of Football at Concave Asia

In addition to getting signature boots and other products, Özil will be "becoming the new Global Creative Director of Football at Concave Asia". He also mentioned Indonesia in his post - Concave will possibly try to become an important player of the Indonesian market.

We expect more about the Concave x Özil partnership to be announced soon.

What do you think of Mesut Özil joining Concave and becoming a 'Creative Director' for the brand? Comment below.