Betting Sponsors to Be Banned From Premier League Kits

The UK government is set to ban betting sponsors from football shirts, according to Sportsmail.

Front-of-shirt betting and gambling companies are "almost certain" to be included in a white paper to be released this winter, the paper reports.

"A source close to the review said: 'We are pretty sure there is going to be an end to front-of-shirt advertising. Everybody is expecting that. Reformers want more but a lot of politicians are worried about the lower leagues."

As per the article, a total of nine 2021-22 Premier League clubs have a betting main sponsor, and 19 of the league's 20 teams have at least one betting partner.

The timeframe for how and when such a band could come into place looks as follows.

The white paper is set to be released in late 2021 or early 2022, following which there will be a three-month consultation period before the bill will go to parliament. It's "unlikely" any changes will come into effect until 2023 at the earliest, Sportsmail report.

In case you missed it, a similar law came into effect in Spain this season, forcing several teams to find new partners for 21-22, including the likes of Real Betis and Sevilla.

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