Inter Forced To Change Sponsor Logo For UEFA Champions League

If you looked closely at the jerseys in the match between Inter and Real Madrid in the Champions League this week, you might have noticed that Inter's kit was a bit different from the one in the Serie A. Thanks to @mirash_geaze for the heads-up.

Without Small Text - Inter Milan Wears Different $INTER Fan Token Logo

The $INTER Fan Token logo in the UEFA Champions League was the same ass in the Serie Abut with one important difference - it did not feature the small "by" text on the bottom left.

The reason for Inter to alter the logo is pretty simple - UEFA does not allow as big sponsor logos as the Serie A. The club, therefore, decided to ditch the "" lettering.

Serie A allows 250cm², UEFA 200cm²In UEFA competitions, the total area used for sponsor advertising on the front of the shirt must not exceed 200cm². In the Serie A, the total area used for sponsor advertising must not exceed 250cm² for a single sponsor.

In fact, Serie A even allows two front-of-shirt sponsors. They are allowed to cover an area of 350cm² combined.

For example, Napoli is not allowed to have their two front-of-shirt sponsors in UEFA competitions.

A team whose sponsor logo is remarkably smaller in UEFA competitions is Lille.

Have you spotted other teams with different sponsor logos in the UEFA competitions this week? Comment below.