Pogba Forced By UEFA To Cover Logos Of Arm Sleeve With Tape?

For more than half a year, Paul Pogba is wearing a sleeve on his arm(s) in most matches. Now the French superstar has hidden the manufacturer brandings of his compression sleeve.

Pogba's special compression sleeve is made by French brand BV Sport. The ARX BV Sport sleeve is designed to ensure muscle retention.

Pogba started to wear the sleeve because he had pain in the elbow

Paul Pogba started to wear the sleeve because he "had the pain [in the left elbow]", and then also in the right elbow. He also explained to Man Utd TV that "[the sleeve] is just natural now, just for security.”

UEFA Equipment Regulations Forbid Branding On "Medical Gear"

In the UEFA Nations League final against Spain, Pogba covered the two brandings of the right arm sleeve with white tape - the arm usually comes with the "BV Sport" logo and "Booster" branding.

in the Premier League, Paul Pogba is not covering the brandings

Interestingly, Paul Pogba did not cover the brandings in the Premier League. Why? The likely answer can be found in the UEFA Equipment Regulations - Article 42 (Clothing and accessories).

Medical equipment must be free of manufacturer identification

UEFA Equipment Regulations say that "Medical equipment (e.g. head protection, face-masks, casts, kneepads or knee braces, elbow pads) must be a single color and free of team and manufacturer identification."

We are pretty sure UEFA forced Pogba to cover the branding.

Oddly, in the Euro 2020, Paul Pogba did not have to cover the brandings.

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