Exclusive: Aston Villa to Sign Castore Kit Deal

Aston Villa will be Castore's third Premier League team starting next season, according to our info.

It's been rumored for a while that Castore's expansion will continue in 2022 and there are various teams Castore are in talks with, including Villa. Aston Villa's current deal with Kappa was closed in 2019 for three years and will therefore expire next summer.

Aston Villa to Sign Castore Kit Deal

There have been no reports about Castore signing a deal with Aston Villa thus far, while it's looking very likely that La Liga giants Sevilla will be one of the teams joining the brand in 2022-23.

Sevilla FC to Sign Castore Kit Deal

It remains to be seen how much Aston Villa will earn from the potential deal with Castore, or even for how many years it will be signed. For reference, Castore's deal with Newcastle runs for six years.

A report earlier this year claimed that Castore, who publicly announced their desire to sign up non-UK teams in the coming years, had agreed a deal with Lazio, although we haven't gotten definite confirmation on that yet.

Lazio to Switch Brands From 2022-23 Season?

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It will definitely be an interesting summer ahead in terms of brand switches with several deals set to expire in the Premier League alone.

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