Bow Tie Of Köln Carnival Kit Banned By Bundesliga

It didn't take long for the DFL to step in and take action against Köln's newly released carnival kit as the bow tie is banned from official matches.

Köln 21-22 Carnival Kit Released

Köln Carnival Bow Tie To Be Banned By DFL

Having only been released just yesterday, Köln's new carnival jersey has already caused quite some stir among fans.

Some are quite in favour of the radical design but others did not take it too kindly. Calling it to be removed.

The German Football League (DFL) also seems to agree with the latter. While the kit itself will still be used for Köln upcoming match against Union Berlin on November 7th, 2021, the funky bow tie will not.

The reason for the ban is based on DFL's guideline regarding clothing and equipment under Section 28a, paragraph 3: "A decorative element may only be attached by means of the following technical procedures: a) jacquard pattern, b) in-seam pattern, c) embossing pattern".

As the bow tie is neither woven nor printed in the fabric of the jersey, but sewn on as an external element. This raises concerns regarding injuries during play and, therefore, not compliant with the guideline.

Are you in favour of the ban on bow tie on Köln carnival kit? Let us know in the comment.