Emile Smith Rowe Still Wears Phantom VNM After Two Years

Despite Nike has already phased out the Phantom VVNM line since last year, Arsenal's midfielder Smith Rowe is yet to switch to newer models.

Emile Smith Rowe Sticks With His Nike Phantom VNM Boots

Scoring the only winning goal against Watford, the Arsenal's youngster was again lacing up in his pair of Phantom VNM blackout.

It is an interesting case, despite Nike has already release the second generation for their Phantom GT line, Smith Rowe is still rocking with the old Phantom VNM that the GT replaced.

Back in August 2020, when Nike initially unveiled the first-gen GT, the midfielder didn't change to the new boots. Instead he was seen wearing the Volt colourway.

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Since then, Smith Rowe has been switching around three colourways: the aforementioned Volt, Blackout and the Metallic Grey/Crimson Neighbourhood pack.

The exact reason why he hasn't got into a new pair of boots is unclear. Although we'd hazard a guess that he's one of many players dropped by Nike as they change their strategy in football.

After this, it is either him unable to get new sponsorship or Smith Rowe just purely enjoyed playing with the Phantom VNM.

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It is interesting to note though, that in a photoshoot for Arsenal 21-22 home kit press release, the midfielder wore a pair of the new Tiempo 9 Legend.

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